Shindaiwa Multi-Tool M242
A versatile, economical 2-stroke power source to handle all commercial landscaping needs.
  • 23.9cc Commercial Grade Engine
  • Quick-change Coupler
  • Accommodates 9 Attachments
MSRP: $299.99 *


Displacement 23.9 cc
Dry Weight 9.8 lbs
Fuel Capacity 23.3 fl. oz

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Wayne S.
Asheboro, NC

I wanted to give my initial impressions of the new T242 trimmer I just purchased. First, I have been running Redmax trimmers exclusively for the past 8yrs and though I have not had any issues with them I did want to give Shindiawa a try. Immediately I have noticed that the Shindiawa trimmer is much smoother in hand. I don't know if that's attributed to Shindiawa's anti-vibration system or the engine itself but I like it. Second, the Shindiawa revs quicker and does not seem to bog down as quickly as the comaparable sized Redmax unit. My Redmax trimmers have always seemed to be running too lean in order to meet emission standards. The weight of the Shindiawa is also a little less than my comparably sized Redmax unit. The only minor complaint I have is the T242 did not come with a shoulder strap. I will have to pay extra for it. My Redmax units come with straps. If the durability of the T242 is as good or better than my Redmax units I will difinitely be a repeat customer.

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