Shindaiwa Multi-Tool M242
A versatile, economical 2-stroke power source to handle all commercial landscaping needs.
  • 23.9cc Commercial Grade Engine
  • Quick-change Coupler
  • Accommodates 9 Attachments
MSRP: $299.99 *


Displacement 23.9 cc
Dry Weight 9.8 lbs
Fuel Capacity 23.3 fl. oz

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Cartersville, GA

I think this will say it all.. Stihl claims to be number one. I am the fleet mechanic/maintenance supervisor for a large landscape company who uses all Stihl, for whom I work 50 hours a week, but I also own my own small landscape company I run on the weekend, usually working 18-30 hrs Friday thru Sunday. If its a handheld and not made by Yamabiko Corp., I won't personally own it. Here's the truth.. Hour by hour as the time passes, Shindaiwa continually proves itself to be the absolutely finest, custom-tuned, and most durable handheld equipment out there.For example: In my studies, in head-to-head personal operational experiences over the past two years of my personal Shindaiwa EB8520RT blower versus the Stihl BR600 Magnum, not only does the Shindaiwa outperform/outblow the Sithl, over a typical 300hr use cycle, Zero Shindaiwa problems, Stihl has had fuel system issues, straps, etc. Not to mention when I was in the field how many times a Stihl failed and left me hanging. The build quality alone when you tear them apart speaks droves about how much care and engineering Shindaiwa puts into their product. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would buy a Stihl over a Shindaiwa or Echo. Pretty much the same results with other product comparisoms. Shindaiwa keeps my weekend company running all year long. (I have an EB8520 RT, M242 w/shears and trimmer head) and what I don't have in Shindaiwa is Echo (srm 230, pe 225,cs-370,hc150) with similar excellent performance.. So do I carry the legend?? You bet..and the merging of Shindaiwa and Echo under Yamabiko is going to do nothing but benefit both.. Any and all future handlheld purchases for my weekend company (which is growing to be full time by 2012/2013 if I want to- With future plans to add more Shindaiwa and Echo to my inventory!

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