Shindaiwa Trimmers T235
Legendary Shindaiwa features and improved cutting performance at an incredible value.
  • Solid drive shaft
  • Ergonomic grips
  • 2-stage air filtration
  • Full-wrap tank stand
  • High-capacity Speed-Feed 400 cutting head

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MSRP: $249.99 *


Displacement 21.2 cc
Dry Weight 12.1 lbs
Overall Length 70.2 in
Fuel Capacity 14.9 fl. oz
Cutting Swath20 in

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Scott, LA

Our company, has been in the lawn and landscape maintenance business for the past 17 years.
We began using the Shindaiwa products in 1995. It is the most durable product line on the market today in the landscape contracting business. Our local Shindaiwa dealer loyally supports these products. Also, his customer base when it comes to parts inventory on hand and his excellent service after the sale is outstanding.

We have used the T-27/T270 string trimmer exclusively for the past 15 years and are completely satisfied with the product. It has been the best string trimmer on the market, period.

The line of back pack blowers Shindaiwa has offered has been second to none. We began using the EB 400 model and then went to the EB460 model, 2 of which we still use today. These units were bullet proof. Virtually no down time with these EB 460 units. Our company currently uses 6 of the EB 630 Shindaiwa back pack blowers on a daily basis. We purchased two 802 model blowers in the last two years. We have had great success with this model as well. It continues to represent the Shindaiwa back pack blower line in fine fashion in regards to ruggedness, durability, and dependability.

We also use the very durable Shindaiwa multi-purpose tool on a daily basis. We dubbed it "The Swiss Army Attachment". The ease and versatility of switching from a string trimmer to an egder on a mow crew is efficient and significant, but the ability to go from an articulating hegde clipper to a pole saw within seconds on a landscaping clean up crew is huge! Very affordable and saves time again and again. This tool pays for itself and it is by far one of the most profitable tools we have in regards to charging dollars per man hour for the kind of work we produce with the many different options of extensions available.

Overall, Bonin's Lawn Service has been very satisfied with the Shindaiwa product line of 2cycle equipment over the past 15 years. We have faithfully used the product over the years to help build our book of business and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks to Shindaiwa for a great product and for all that you do for the green industry.

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